Girl Jinbei Onna-bugeisha Warrior
This Jinbei is made of exceptional cotton and follows the traditional shape to be comfortable. We designed it for both aesthetics and practicality in mind. We made the pant with a soft elastic band and added a front pocket to carry...
Haori jacket
Our Haori jacket is an interpretation of a traditional Haori jacket made of thick cotton that feels soft to the touch. This Haori jacket can be worn over a Yukata or a Kimono for traditional Japanese aesthetic as well as...
Kimono solid black
A traditional T-shape in a strong cotton shantung fabric. This cotton kimono has a fresh, robust feel without the weight and features a clean cut, a single layer, and a rounded hem that makes for an easy combination with uptight attire or casual streetwear. What is our reimagined...
Silk navy blue kimono
Our masterpiece made exclusively of silk in the deepest navy blue we were capable of producing. This silk kimono has a fresh and weightless feeling made of a single layer of silk. We included a pocket on the right side to accommodate...
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